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For All


For All

Financial & Material Security For All

Physical Security & Immediate Care

For All Vulnerable Populations


Education Campaign

Last Updated March 2020

Huron Valley Labor/Community  COVID-19 Demands

The COVID-19 pandemic is an existential crisis that threatens the health and livelihood of our entire community, particularly vulnerable populations such as undocumented people, the elderly, the disabled and immunocompromised, and those in prison or detention. 


The virus has exposed the financial precarity of thousands living in the Huron Valley, many of whom are only a paycheck away from economic disaster. As the virus spreads, inadequate health care, lack of paid sick leave, unpredictable and unreliable work, and inaccessible housing will compound hardship.


We must act now to contain the virus, provide care to those who need it, and support those impacted by the crisis in the immediate and long-term.


We call on the State of Michigan, local governments throughout the Huron Valley, and employers such as the University of Michigan to marshall all their resources in order to mitigate the social and financial consequences of COVID-19. This includes taxing the top 1% of income earners and businesses, as well as using the University of Michigan’s $12 billion endowment, to meet the needs of our community.  

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healthcare for all


for all

financial & material security

for all

physical security & immediate care For all the vulnerable

public education campaign

You can sign on as an individual, organization or both. 

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